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  • Latest from CPJTECH

    • Cisco Threat Response - Supporting Intelligence-Driven Incident Response and Threat Hunting

      This white paper provides a description of Cisco Threat Response and how security operations teams can use it to detect and respond to threats within their infrastructure. It also shows how Cisco Threat Response supports the performance of each of the F3EAD model's phases. Contact CPJ for more information on Cisco Threat Response.

    • Threats of the Year: A look back at the tactics and tools of 2019

      This report highlights 6 noteworthy threats from 2019 and provides recommendations and outlooks for each in 2020. For more information on Cisco Breach Defense solutions, contact CPJ today. 

    • Can my security architecture keep up?

      This highly engaging eGuide provides an infographic-like overview of the breach defense topic. It also includes advice for a threat- and trust-centric approach to the issue. Contact CPJ today for more information on realizing your security goals around complexity, efficiency, and threat detection intervals.

    • A Smart City in Action: Las Vegas

      This video highlights Las Vegas' efforts to deploy "Smart City" technologies, which are enhancing mobility, reducing congestion, decreasing its carbon footprint, and stimulating economic growth. Hear how Las Vegas has deployed Cisco "Kinetic for Cities" IoT platform to achieve actionable information from its camera, mobile device & sensor network. For more information about Cisco Kinetic for Cities, contact CPJ today.

    • Street Smarts 101: Connected Roadways

      This engaging brochure takes you through 5 best practice areas for connected roadways. It begins with IoT, enabling government agencies to coordinate information from sensors and cameras embedded in vehicles, roadways, and traffic management systems. The benefits include enhanced safety, greater vehicular mobility, and more efficient use of roadways, parking, and other resources. For more information about Cisco technologies for IoT, Smart Cities, and connected roadways, contact CPJ today.

    • Cisco Smart + Connected Communities

      This inspiring video illustrates how technological advancements, including AI and the Internet of Things, can open up a new world of possibilities for smart cities.

    • Cisco Digital Public Safety

      This overview explains how the Internet of Things and integrated data center, cloud, mobile communications, and collaboration solutions can help cities improve public safety.

    • Customer Story: Butler University

      "Customer Story: Butler University" is a wonderfully engaging and quick-hitting video that shows how the university's IT department stays ahead of bandwidth requirements that double every 3 years. Contact CPJ today for more information on how to rapidly identify root causes of Wi-Fi issues or be alerted to anomalies in usage before they become serious problems.

    • Wireless Health: Powerful Heuristics for Smarter Troubleshooting

      This academic white paper entitled "Wireless Health: Powerful Heuristics for Smarter Troubleshooting" explores how Cisco Meraki's Wireless Health feature simplifies root cause analysis for all connected wireless clients in a single dashboard, enabling IT teams to answer complex questions without having to manually dig through the entire network stack. Contact us today for more information on how to rapidly identify root causes of Wi-Fi issues or be alerted to anomalies in usage before they become serious problems.

    • IoE in Education

      This video covers several different schools from around the United States, describing how Cisco and the Internet of Everything has improved connectivity and thus transformed the way we approach education. To learn more, feel free to contact us.


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